Our Mission

In Bahasa Indonesia, the word raya means great.  We hope that this exchange of goods is indeed great, not only for the customers that bring our products into their homes, but also for the artisans who produce them.  Our goal is to support small, independent business owners in Indonesia by bringing their products to an international market.  In doing so we hope to empower these businesses to grow their company, support their families and strengthen their communities.  


Joel & Amanda Spencer

Raya Exchange was established in 2016 by an American couple living in Indonesia. Based in Central Java, Joel & Amanda Spencer traveled the region exploring the rich Javanese culture and traditions. Together they met families of furniture makers, weavers and batik artists using traditional methods passed down through generations of dedicated artisans. Inspired by their work and entrepreneurial spirit, Joel and Amanda sought to support these makers by bringing their work to US retailers.